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Visiting Providers

The Tannery is pleased to host talented providers from around the state as well as those passing through town on tour. Providers listed here all have their own screening and booking process. Be sure to navigate to their website to book sessions.


Double and other fantasy sessions may be available, depending on how sweetly you beg and how willing you are to pay. Come enjoy these kinky providers in our beautiful dungeon space!

Mxstress Citrine

Mxstress Citrine is a sensual domme and especially enjoys aspects of tease and denial, golden play, sensory play, sensory deprivation, servitude, objectification, and public/semi-public humiliation.  Your pain amuses the Goddess, but what pleases Them most is your willingness to serve, to receive, and to be at Their disposal.

Mxtress Citrine

Mistress Gemma Li

In her practice, Mistress Gemma synthesizes techniques developed across her personal, educational, and corporate experiences. She focuses on the unique characteristics of each D/s dynamic through an intimate, intuitive, and empathetic approach. Though she holds high expectations for her submissives, the journey is rewarding.

A dark-haired woman looks intensely at the viewer. She is wearing a red, latex dress that shows off her cleavage.

Mistress Nova

Mistress Nova was trained in the Bay Area at the Gates, alongside many talented dominatrix artists. She has continued to practice the art of domination in Denver since 2017. Her style is creative domination, with just the right mix of sweet and spicy. Her areas of interest include impact play, bondage, humiliation, foot fetish, worship, watersports, mummification, and more.

Mistress Nova

Mistress Victoria Marx

The Mile High Mistress is back in Denver! Mistress Marx is joining sessions, teaching classes, and seeing clients NOW. With over two decades of devilish experience, She enjoys Sissy Training, Medical Play, Role Play, Bondage, Corporal Punishment, Foot Fetish, and more. Contact Lady Dane for more information on how to book this legend.

Mistress Victoria Marx

Masquerade the Queen

M the Queen loves inhabiting subs’ minds with Her body, voice, and desires to maintain complete control and dominance over them. Are you a financial submissive, ready to be toyed with? A brat who needs to be trained into a good, desperate slut for Her? A curious soul searching for someone to guide you towards a sweet release? This Queen is extremely kink and fetish friendly, and can even help you uncover some impulses that you didn’t even know you had.

Masquerade the Queen

Miss Mia Von

Miss Mia Von is enamored with the spectrum of human desire and the ways in which it manifests into fetish. She has a nurturing yet sadistic character, and aims for a beautiful alchemy of sensuality, submission, sometimes pain, and always pleasure. She believes that adult play is a valuable therapeutic modality and that embracing and exploring ones kinks is the truest form of self-expression. This truth allows us to show up in every area of our lives authentically, which is the deepest and most empowering form of freedom.

Miss Mia Von.JPG

The Kinktress

Playful, sensually sadistic and creative. The Kinktress enjoys working with Sissy sluts, boys that really want to be girls, and those who love to spend time on their knees adoring and worshipping Her.  A firm believer in discipline and loves using wooden spoons, hairbrushes, and oh so many other implements that strike Her fancy!


Sir Rue

Sir Rue is a sweet yet sadistic Dominant in the Denver area who specializes in impact, bondage, fire, protocol, and more. He is thoughtful, attentive, intuitive, and strives to create an experience you will not forget. As one of the only trans masc Pro Dom’s in the Denver community, he fosters a safe space where you can forget the world around you and learn what it feels like to Serve Rue.

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