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The Dungeon

The Tannery strives to be an ethical space for facilitating intimate exploration, supporting all users and guests in creating affirming experiences on the basis of enthusiastic and informed consent.


Guest Agreements


  • All activities require the consent of all participants

  • Everyone in the space deserves respect, patience, and compassion

  • You are expected to vocalize and honor your boundaries

  • We do not tolerate abuse, harassment, or negligence

  • Respect other people in the building by keeping common spaces vanilla

  • No animals are allowed in the space

  • If you are sick or have been exposed to COVID or any other infectious disease, do not come in and notify your provider immediately

  • If you break it, you replace it

  • Leave the space better than you found it

  • Certain types of play are not allowed:

    • Wax play

    • Smoking and Cigar play

    • Intoxication/Drugging

    • Forced Bi or Other Staged Sexual Encounters


Unacceptable behaviors and consequences


  • Anyone who arrives intoxicated or uses intoxicants in the space will be asked to leave and may be barred from the space in the future. This includes alcoholic beverages. We cannot consent when we are not fully present for the experience. 

  • Non-consensual actions will result in the individual being barred from the space until the behavior has been addressed and their return must be approved by Lady Dane.

  • Anyone who pushes boundaries or asks for prohibited services will be asked to leave immediately and will not be permitted to return.

  • Damage to the premises or theft of personal items is not tolerated and you will be barred from the premises until full restitution is made.


Legal compliance 


  • This is an adult-only space. No one under 18 is permitted. Valid and legal identification must be provided to access the space and our services.

  • Full-service sex work is not provided or permitted. Each provider is expected to set expectations and boundaries, and all guests are expected to understand and honor these boundaries. Sexual acts that are not permitted include those described in C.R.S. 18, Article 7 (section 18-7-201).

  • No illegal drugs or mind-altering substances are allowed in the space.


Confidentiality and privacy


  • It is our goal to preserve the privacy of everyone who enters the space. Unless given explicit permission, do not seek out, contact, or interact with others outside of the space. 

  • Do not share identifying information or the personal stories of others without permission. 

  • “Outing” someone or sharing personal identification without consent of all parties involved will result in a permanent ban from the space. 


Photography and Filming


  • We ask you to not photograph or record fellow participants without permission of all those present. Please ensure when taking group photos that everyone in the picture agrees where the photograph will be shared. If you wish to record at the event for personal use, please speak with Lady Dane before posting. 

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