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Lady Dane

Dominant, playful, sensual... Lady Dane is a consummate professional in the dungeon. For those willing to let go of their inhibitions and face their fears, she will light your way. Submit and find that delicious place you have always wanted to be.

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When asked how it was that I entered the BDSM scene, the moment that stands out to me is when a partner described kink as a way to meet your demons. At first, the idea seemed frightening and impossible. Why venture into the shadowy part of myself when every message we receive is about suppressing that part of life?

But what happens when these dark desires are banished? What happens when we cannot voice our needs? What happens when we reject that part of ourselves because it seems wrong, ugly, or inconvenient? Those urges do not go away. Instead, they seep out in ways that demand our attention. Maybe you stop enforcing your boundaries because you want to be overwhelmed and possessed, but you end up being harmed. Maybe you lash out in little ways because you need an outlet for your sadism, but you end up harming others. Maybe you are attracted to certain objects, scenarios, and roles, but punish yourself for your longings because you believe you will be rejected.

Working with someone experienced in BDSM, fetish, and alternative sexualities can be way to find the language to describe what it is you really want and develop conscious strategies for bringing those fantasies to life, whether with a partner, a new playmate, or on your own. Whether booking a session, requesting a class, or seeking an intimacy coach who can provide hands-on guidance, I want to support your explorations.


I have been a part of the Colorado kink community since 2009, and in the years since I have performed, taught, mentored, and been an advocate for organizational accountability and quality peer education. Since 2013, I have worked professionally as a Dominatrix, both in a professional house and as a solo practitioner. I am an avid learner and am always looking to improve my existing skills as well as acquire new and more specialized areas of knowledge that are of interest to my clientele. I enjoy working with all body types, abilities, orientations, and identities and my space is ADA accessible.

Play modalities that I enjoy include: Sensual Domination, Gentle FemDom, Corporal Punishment, Spanking, Boot Play, Rough Body Play, Foot Worship, Smothering, Pressure Points, Bondage, Role Play, Mommy/Daddy & Littles, Puppy Play, CBT, Ball-Busting, Genital Torture, Platonic Cuddling, Mummification, De-Masculinization/Forced Feminization, Gender Bending, Medical Play, Tickling, and Interrogation Scenes.



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